Ultimaker 3 Maintenance Kit





  • Overview

    This kit holds commonly used parts in maintenance or replacement for the Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended.

    With 13 pieces this is a great addition to your Ultimaker printer with backup parts or for overall maintenance that is suggested to be done every 3 months, based on 1500 printing hours a year, to ensure your printer is running in optimal condition.

  • Contains

    • Bowden tube (2x)
    • XY calibration sheet
    • Calibration card
    • Glass plate
    • Hex screwdriver
    • Silicone nozzle cover (5x)
    • Clamp clip (4x)
    • Tube coupling collet (4x)
    • Build plate clamp (2x)
    • Silicone nozzle ring (10x)
    • Cleaning filament
    • Axial fan
    • Radial fan (2x)

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