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  • Description

    A Multiple Functional Materials All-In-One Solution

    The FUNMAT PRO 410 is an industrial additive manufacturing 3D printer. Featuring a dual extruder which operates in a large 305 x 305 x 406 mm build chamber (12 x 12 x 16 inch).

    The 450°C max. hot end temperature, 160°C max. heat bed temperature and 90°C max. chamber temperature, provide a no warping and cracking printing of large functional materials.

    The FUNMAT PRO 410 is a Multiple Functional Materials 3D printer (PEEK, PEKK, PPSU, ULTEM, ABS, PC and much more). A linear guide and a high performance oriental motor ensure high speed and high precision.

    Featuring automatic nozzle cleaning, a filament absence warning system, a LED status indication system, and an inside camera to provide you with a live observation of the printing process — the FUNMAT PRO 410 provides the optimum ease of use.

    A Unique Dual Nozzle 3D Printing Solution

    • Dual nozzle 3D printing solution
    • Smart design for continuous production
    • High speed high precision 3D printing
    • Heated chamber
    • Sensor assisted automatic leveling
    • Multiple functional materials
    • High safety standards
    • Comfortable and easy-to-use interface

  • Tech Specs

    ~ Printing Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Build Volume 305 x 305 x 406mm (12 x 12 x 16in) Build Platform Pl Sheet Heating + Ceramic Glass Leveling Automatic Leveling Layer Thickness 0.05 - 0.5mm Printing Speed Max. 300mm/s Printing Nozzles 2 Printing Nozzles Without Scratching Extruder Temperature Max. 450°C / 842°F Platform Temperature Max. 160°C / 320°F Chamber Temperature Max. 90°C / 194°F Filament Chamber Temperature Max. 70°C / 158°F Input File Type STL, OBJ Filament Diameter 1.75mm Position Resolution XY 16μm; Z 1.6μm Smart Monitor & Control Filament Jam Warning, Filament Absence Warning, Power Failure Recovery Safety Certification FCC and CE Connectivity WiFi, Internet, USB Supported Material PEEK, PEEK+CF, PEKK, ULTEM (PEI), PPSU, PC, PC Alloys, PA, PA+CF, ABS, Carbon Fiber-Filled, Metal-Filled, Fiberglass-Filled, ASA, PETG, ESD-Safe, HIPS, TPU, PLA, PVA, etc.

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