• Description

    Large Format 3D Printer For Industrial Composites

    EnvisionTEC's Selective Lamination Composite Object Manufacturing (SLCOM) technology additively manufactures woven fiber composites preimpregnated with thermo­plastics — traditional prepregs — using a propriety method. It automates production of composite parts with amazing surface finish and X-Y strength. A wide variety of fiber and thermoplastic material choices, and matrices, are available. Our first machine based on this technology, the SLCOM 1, launched in early 2016. We believe this innovative machine, which can build objects up to 10 cubic feet, will change the face of composite manufacturing.

    System Properties

    • Build solid parts using layer-by-layer laminated thermoplastic composite fabric sheets from a roll
    • Unique material storage feed concept
    • 48” x 48” XYZ cutter range with 30 kHz ultrasonic blade cutter
    • Automatic blade replacement with blade wearing auto detection
    • Automatic anti-lamination fluid application
    • Waste material not fully laminated to build, reducing post-processing
    • Process continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic pre-pregs for use in lightweight structural applications

    Selective Lamination Composites Object Manufacturing

    EnvisionTEC’s SLCOM 1 is the first and only industrial thermoplastic reinforced woven composite 3D printer on the market today. With a build envelope of 30” x 24” x 24”, the new SLCOM 1 employs a new patent pending process known as Selective Lamination Composite Object Manufacturing.

    The SLCOM 1 is available with a wide range of custom made thermoplastic reinforced unidirectional or multidirectional woven fibers tailored to the customer performance needs. These composite matrix materials deliver high quality 3D printed parts suitable for use in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, sporting goods, and potential applications in the medical space

  • Tech Specs

    Material Properties

    Build Envelope 30in. x 24in. x 24in.
    Accuracy +/- 100 µm in X and Y; One layer thickness in Z after lamination
    Cutting Speed Up to 20 inches per second linear speed
    Min/Max Layer Thickness 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm (prior to lamination)
    Build Speed Post lamination layer thickness dependent
    Material UNI and bidirectional thermoplastic pre-pregs
    Cutting Gantry 4 Full AXIS cutting gantry system (XYZR)
    Footprint 125in.H x 156in. W x 94in. D

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