Advanced 3D Printing Kit for the Ultimaker 3 Extended





  • Overview

    Designed to minimize printer downtime and increase print success rates

    Front enclosure is highly recommended with filaments that require higher temperatures and those that have issues with layer bonding like ABS, CPE+, PC and PP. Adhesion sheets are required for PP material and highly recommended with CPE+ and PC materials as they have been known to have issues with build plate adhesion.


    • Front enclosure stops heat from escaping, keeping a constant temperature of 45ºC
    • Adhesion sheets are a great alternative to glue sticks and are designed for multiple use
    • Having an extra glass plate allows for you to directly start a new print by swapping out the finished plate

  • Contains

    • 1 front enclosure
    • 25 adhesion sheets
    • 1 adhesive applicator
    • 1 glass plate

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