MakerBot believes there’s an innovator in everyone. We set the standard in reliability and ease-of-use by providing effective solutions for every stage of the desktop 3D printing process. MakerBot offers engineers and designers a faster and more effective way to develop ideas, disrupting the traditional rapid prototyping process, while also offering educators a better way to integrate 3D printing in the classroom to teach creativity and problem solving, preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow. Our content and community platforms, paired with our connected workflow and reliable 3D printers ensure that your experience is seamless and affordable.

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

Applications: Education, Engineering

"Canary needed MakerBot’s more comprehensive, cost-effective solutions because they’re designed for the wider needs of professionals. They streamline iterative development, enable high-quality concept modeling, and allow for functional testing all while being easy to integrate"

Iterate on Ideas and Bring Products to Market Faster

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