• Features


    The Leo is Artec’s smartest scanner available right now - completely portable with no wires or no need to connect to a computer. With the Leo you can see and rotate the 3D replica on the touch panel screen as you scan the object to ensure all surfaces have been scanned.

  • Tech Specs



    Built-in half HD touch panel screen

    3D resolution Up to 0.25 mm
    3D point accuracy

    Up to 0.1 mm

    Texture resolution 1.3 mp
    Structured light source Flash bulb (no laser)
    Working distance 0.4 – 1m
    Linear field of view

    214 × 148 mm - 536 × 371 mm

    Angular field of view

    30 × 21°

    Exposure time 0.0002 sec
  • Video

    Scanning with Artec

    Offering quick reconstruction at 80 frames per second with a large field of view the Leo can scan even large objects like cars or rooms saving you time.
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