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    Fusion 3 F400

    The Fusion3’s F400 offers a pre-assembled and calibrated 3D printer with modular components for easy maintenance and servicing. The F400 features an aluminum enclosure that provides a stable environment for printing with high temperatures. With automated bed leveling via the built-in IR sensor which adjusts the Z axis to maintain the correct height so you don’t have to worry and provides an optimized printer for you and your printing needs.

  • Tech Specs

    Physical Dimensions

    Overall Dimensions 30.6 x 28.1 x 25.25 in
    Weight 85 lbs (38.56 kg)

    Warranty and Support

    Base 2 Year Warranty includes Materials and Workmanship
    Lifetime support includes expert troubleshooting and resolution

    Printer Specifications

    Print Size 14 x 14 x 12.6 in 
    Build Volume 1.43 ft
    Electrical Input / Output 110V 6A peak or 230V 3A peak
    Bed Temperature Heated Glass (Multizone Heater); Up to 140°C
    Max. Print Temperature E3Dv6 All-Metal Print Head; Swappable; up to 300°C
    Build Speed Up to 20.1 mm /sec (.4MM Nozzle)
    Max. Print Speed 250 MM/sec
    Filament Size / Max Spool Size 1.75 MM / Up to 4 KG Spool
    Supported Materials Various brands and formulations of PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, Polycarbonate, PC-ABS, Flexible, Polyesters, Acrylic, Soluble, and more
    Processing Software Simplify3D (2 Seat License Included)

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    • Print speed up to 250 MM/sec and layer resolution as low as 20 microns
    • All metal E3D print head with hardened steel nozzle for superior performance
    • Durable metal enclosure & rigid frame provides unparalleled mechanical stability
    • Pre-assembled and calibrated at Fusion3’s USA factory for optimal performance
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