• Features

    Ultra 3SP

    EnvisionTEC’s ULTRA 3SP uses Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocure (3SP) technology to quickly and reliably print highly accurate parts. The Ultra 3SP offers a plug and play operation with a built-in touchscreen for convenient print management. With quiet operation, only a single material is used for both the build and support providing easy to remove perforated supports.

  • Tech Specs

    Physical Dimensions

    Overall Dimensions 29" x 30" x 46" (74 x 76 x 117 cm)
    Weight 198 lbs (89.8 kg)

    Warranty and Support

    One Year Warranty includes Materials and Workmanship
    Lifetime support includes expert troubleshooting and resolution

    Printer Specifications

    Build Envelope 10.5" x 6.9" x 7.6" (266 x 175 x 193 mm)
    Resolution in X and Y 0.002" (50 µm)
    Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z (user adjustable and material dependent) 0.002” - 0.004” (50-100 µm)
    Data Handling STL
    Material Type EnvisionTEC 3SP Blade Materials
    Recommended Materials  ABS Flex 3SP, ABS Tough 3SP, ABS TRU 3SP, E-Denstone 3SP, E-Glass 3SP, E-Tool 3SP
    Electrical Requirements 100-127 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 8A 200-240 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase, 4A

  • Downloads

  • Video

    Ultra 3SP with E-Glass

    Minimize material waste while experiencing layerless technology with no stair stepping on inner or outer surfaces for creating concept models or final use parts.
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