Micro Plus Hi-Res

Micro Plus Hi-Res



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    Micro Plus Hi-Res

    EnvisonTec’s Micro Plus Hi-Res 3D printer is perfect for designers who need to produce small components with high levels of details. By being able to build 5-6 average sized rings in a single build makes this a wonderful addition to shops or small jewelry businesses. Keeping with the rest of the Micro Plus family, the Hi-Res makes changing materials quick and easy with no waste, saving you money and time. The touchscreen and embedded computer with Wi-Fi ensures easy to use user interface with the ability to connect to a network.

  • Tech Specs

    Physical Dimensions

    Overall Dimensions 9” x 9.5” x 25” (22.86 x 24.13 x 63.5 cm)
    Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)

    Warranty and Support

    One-year warranty including parts and labor 
    One-year customer support

    Printer Specifications

    Build Envelope 45 x 28 x 100 mm (1.77” x 1.10” x 3.94”)
    XY Resolution 30 µm (0.0012”)
    Dynamic Z Resolution 25 - 75 µm (0.001” - 0.003”)
    Light Source Industrial UV LED
    Data Handling STL
    Build Speed Up to 20.1 mm /sec (.4MM Nozzle)
    Max. Print Speed 500 MM/sec
    Electrical Requirements 110 VAC
    Supported Materials ABS Flex M Series, EC500 M, EC3000 M, HTM140 M, RC70/90 M, Q-View M

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