Thick Paste Extruder





  • Overview

    Experiment with thick paste printing

    Thick Paste Extruder enables 2D printing and simple volumetric 3D printing of dense masses which are extruded by piston at high pressure and is controlled by 2 mm diameter exchangeable nozzle. Printing speed depends on density and thickness of the paste and ranges from 10 mm/s up to 100 mm/s.

    Thick Paste Extruder is compatible with ZMorph’s interchangeable toolheads system and can be easily swapped with any other toolhead in just a few easy steps.

    Print with ceramics and chocolate

    The toolhead can print using medium and dense masses like ceramics, Nutella, chocolate and sugar toppings, and cookie dough. Users are also free to experiment with other materials like silicone, porcelain, avocado paste, or cheese, to achieve results through trial and error. Objects printed with the Thick Paste Extruder are not certified as eatable.

    Thick paste printing samples

    These samples were made with various materials using the Thick Paste Extruder.

  • Tech Specs

    Construction: High-quality 3 mm aluminum frame
    Default work speed: 10 mm/s (depends on the material)
    Nozzle: 2 mm / 4 mm
    Motor: Nema 17 stepper
    Extrusion: Direct Drive
    Work Area L x W x H: 250 x 235 x 165 mm (without covers)
    Recommended Printing Resolution: 2 mm layer height
    Material capacity: 100 ml

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