Dual Plastic Extruder





  • Overview

    One of the most advanced solutions for two-material 3D printing on the market. This extruder can 3D print two materials with similar temperature range separately.

    Introducing Dual Extruder with interchangeable hotends. This unique modular hotend solution gives you two purposes - first, it makes toolhead maintenance easier after many hours of heavy duty work. Second, it will allow you to equip Dual Extruder toolhead with other kinds of hotends, and get a completely new functionality for a fraction of the price.

    Perfect for advanced 3D printing.

    Dual Plastic Extruder is compatible with standard ZMorph interchangeable toolheads system and can be easily swapped with any other toolhead in just a few steps. Driven by two independent stepper motors, uses one heated nozzle and one temperature sensor. Dual PRO Plastic Extruder enables 3D printing with two 1.75 mm filaments with similar temperature range. For example:

    • Two ABS or PLA plastics in various colors.
    • PLA with PVA support material (which dissolves in water) at recommended 205°C temperature.
    • Also, enables experimental image mapping and color blending techniques.

    ZMorph’s DUAL PRO Plastic Extruder works with 1.75 mm filaments like ABS, M-ABS, PLA, HIPS, Flex materials, PVA, and others.

  • Tech Specs

    Construction: High-quality 3 mm aluminum frame
    Hot End: Mixer Hotend equipped with filament mixer. Designed for 1.75 mm filament
    Temperature Control: 1 thermistor
    Temperature Range: 0 – 255°C
    Nozzles: 0.4 mm
    Motor: Nema 11 stepper with planetary gear x2
    Extrusion: Direct Drive
    Work Area L x W x H: 250 x 235 x 165 mm
    Recommended Printing Resolution: 0.2 mm
    Supported Printing Resolution: 0.025 – 0.4 mm
    Extruder Dimensions: 170 x 115 x 70 mm

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