Dimafix Adhesive





  • Overview

    To make printing much easier

    Dimafix is an adhesive for 3d printing; it creates an interface between the filament and the printbed that provides the required adherence to avoid internal tensions.

    • It provides great grip between plastic and glass, so warping is not a problem even in large ABS parts.
    • You will be able to print in all kind of thermoplastic materials.
    • The adhesion property will be activated when the HeatedBed’s temperature is higher than 50ºC.
    • While the bed is hot the adhesive effect will be working even in large prints.
    • When the HeatedBed’s temperature goes down (40-50ºC) the adhesion effect disappears and the model will be easily detached.
    • It is soluble so it is easy to clean only with water.
    • It has a long useful life (more than 100 uses).

  • Tech Specs

    Capacity: 90 ml
    Format: Glue
    Activation temperature: 50 ℃

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