CNC Milling Fun Pack





  • Overview

    Bits & Materials Bundle for CNC PRO milling toolhead users.

    CNC Fun Pack includes 4 milling bits which can be easily installed in CNC PRO milling toolhead and a specially prepared bundle of wooden blocks, plexiglass boards and for CNC milling and cutting.

  • In The Box

    Included Components:

    • 2 x Carbide bit single flute 1 and 3mm
      Pin: 3,175mm (1/8 inch)
      Bit length: 38mm
    • 1 x Spherical bit double flute
      Pin: 3,175mm (1/8 inch)
      Bit length: 40mm
    • 1 x Cube wooden block
      Dimensions: 104 x 105 x 45mm
    • 2 x Rectangular wooden blocks
      Dimensions: 100 x 200 x 20mm
    • 2 x Plexiglass
      Dimensions: 100 x 200 x 4mm

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