• Overview

    Durable and rigid CNC worktable

    The best choice for CNC and laser works. Sturdy aluminum construction with pre-set holes provides stable, flat surface and easy clamping of wood, acrylic glass, modeling boards, PCB boards and other materials.

    Additional construction features: magnet mounting mechanism, doesn't require calibration.

  • Tech Specs

    Dimensions 250 x 259 x 19 mm
    Work area 235 x 250 mm
    Material mounting Brackets and clamps attachable to T-slot pre-set holes on the worktable. Clamps allow to mount materials up to 30 mm thick (clamps are included in the box). Two kinds of brackets allow to mount materials of 1 mm thickness and 1-6 mm thickness (printable bracket files can be found on the ZMorph VX SD card). Third way of material clamping uses 10 M4 pre-set holes placed on the sides of the worktable, outside of the work area. They enable using screws to hold bigger materials in place

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