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Posted on December 14 2015

The EnvisionTec Brand

If there's one thing I have learned selling professional 3D printers it's that no one printer or additive manufacturing technology can do everything. While we currently offer filament (FDM), continuous fiber filament (CFF), multijet (MJP), stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS) and direct metal printers (DMP), there is still room for more acronyms and additional additive manufacturing (AM) technologies to meet client needs.


Enter EnvisionTEC, a leading global provider of 3D printing solutions. Since its first patent submission in 1999, EnvisonTEC has developed and released 3D print solutions that get the job done. They are the original developer of the first commercial DLP-based 3D printing technology platform and have 18 U.S. patents and 91 foreign patents. As a new dealer, Accucode 3D will work with diverse sectors such as jewelry, hearing aid manufacturers, dental, healthcare, consumer, auto manufacturing and design companies to teach them how EnvisionTEC products can work for them.


What makes EnvisionTEC printers different? They use three different technologies that were all developed in-house. Their DLP-based selective light modulation technology uses voxel printing for faster print speeds, more reliability, and smoother surfaces. A voxel is a 3-dimensional pixel with x, y, and z dimensions and allows the printer to use different sized and shaped "building blocks" instead of small uniform pixels a dot at a time, This technology virtually eliminates layering on the Z axis and produces dense and durable parts. They print using resin based raw materials, with high-resolution output comparable to SLA or stereolithography, yet at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Best of all there are 35 materials you can use, each with different properties.


EnvisionTEC Printer 3SP

The second AM technology used by EnvisionTEC is 3SP which stands for scan, spin and selectively photocure. It spins the light source at 20,000 rpm and uses proprietary lenses that allow large parts to be printed in high resolution from a resin base. With very few moving parts the Ultra series is fast, reliable and dependable. With a diverse number of materials to choose from, the 3SP technology excels at ABS-like prints for form and fit testing, high-temperature molds for thermoforming and injection molding, dental applications for casting and orthodontics and even clear glass-like prints. Here is a list of materials available for 3SP printing.


The third technology EnvisionTEC offers is a 4th generation bioprinting process. Yes, they have been 3D printing live materials since 2000. For those of you who have followed my posts, you know I love medical applications of 3D printing and this biomaterial printing technology is like candy to me. I've wiped off the dust from my Grey's Anatomy book and started reading the New England Journal of Medicine again in preparation for selling the bio-plotter printers. If you want to see an amazing area of 3D printing that you are probably not aware of, check out the 55 pages of research documents that have been done using the bio-plotter technology from EnvisionTEC. With the ability to print up to 5 biomaterials from hot or cold print heads in one build, I can't wait to see what research centers and hospital labs will be working on in 2016. Computer Aided Tissue Engineering (CATE) anyone?

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