3D Bioplotter: From Implants to Scaffolding

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Posted on September 06 2016

Bioplotter: A Workhorse Turning 16

Happy sweet 16! Did you know the first EnvisionTec 3D-Bioplotter came out 16 years ago? For a “new” technology, the year 2000 seems like a long time ago. Well, it was "turn of the century." The latest EnvisionTec 3D-Bioplotter series has been improved many times and is now in its fourth generation. Over the past 16 years, these printers have been used to improve material science, for neuroimaging, for toxicology studies, to print files from patient CT and MRI scans, for tissue engineering, to print controlled drug release products, to fabricate scaffolds, to fabricate human body parts, for computer-aided tissue engineering (CATE), for bone regeneration… the list goes on and on.


EnvisionTec's Dynamic Rapid Prototyping, from polymer melts to titanium. The EnvisionTec 3D-Bioplotter® has the capacity of fabricating scaffolds using the widest range of materials of any singular Rapid Prototyping machine, from soft hydrogels over polymer melts up to hard ceramics and metals. Complex inner patterns can easily be designed using the EnvisionTec 3D-Bioplotter® software to both control the mechanical properties, increase cell adhesion, as well as improve the flow of nutrient media throughout the interconnecting pores of the printed implants. Recently titanium implants have been added to the printer's abilities by extruding titanium powder in a liquid suspension and melting it in a sintering oven during post-processing.
Bioplotter Image


Imagine designing a titanium implant with anti-rejection drugs embedded to “time release,” so you see the future of medicine is here already. Everything we’ve come to know about how products are designed, manufactured, and distributed has changed since the introduction of 3D printers. It’s taking entire industries by storm and we’ve dedicated our passion and expertise to helping companies like yours understand the true potential of 3D printing and how it can positively impact your manufacturing processes. Want to learn more about the EnvisionTec 3D-Bioplotter series, contact us here!


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