This Hanging 3D Printer Will Blow Your Mind

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Posted on April 04 2017

3D printing technology has been on a rampage as of late disrupting every industry from the automotive industry to the art industry, you would be hard-pressed to find something this technology can’t do. With that being said 3D printing does have its limitations, one of thing being the fact that you are required to produce it in most cases inside of a confined and predetermined box. That was until this latest prototype deemed the Hangprinter began defying gravity with this open source open area 3D printer.

Here’s the greatest part, it only cost $250, as to be expected it might not have all the bells and whistle of Ultimaker’s latest printer the Ultimaker 3, but it does serve a purpose. Some of the unique applications that I have daydreamed up for it including: Restoring Dinosaur Fossils Printing 3D Replicas of Childhood Video Game Characters Printing a 3D Printer Printing the skeleton from Bill Nye The Science Guy COUGH...COUGH Well...enough of that, as usual here a video for your enjoyment just in case you opted out of reading my recap.



The printer was developed by inventor Torbjørn Ludvigsen reporter Glenn McDonald explains exactly how the actually work “Ludvigsen's invention, the Hangprinter, employs a system of wires and computer-controlled pulleys anchored to the walls, floor, and ceiling. Once installed, the Hangprinter essentially uses the room itself as a casing.”

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