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Posted on March 20 2017


Devin Montes is gathering a huge following on YouTube with his Make Anything account, posting DIY 3D printing videos and with one of his projects amassing over 3 million views.


From Printing to Paid

Devin says he wanted to get involved with the technology since elementary school. First, his appetite for 3D printing developed through reading magazines. Then, he got a real taste for the technology at College five years ago, when he was given a project involving use of the school’s 3D printer. After that, Devin decided to go all out and buy his own 3D printer then-and-there. This was a good decision he tells me, "I paid it off by offering printing services to other students, plus I was able to begin learning the ins and outs of FDM printing, so it was one of my best decisions in hindsight. Now I love the speed at which I am able to design and iterate projects by owning a 3D printer."

Printing an Addiction

While the YouTuber does have other hobbies, he explained how he still ends up, “finding ways to tie everything back to 3D printing, though, so many of my projects are related to other hobbies.” The Texan’s most popular project is an optical illusion he made that went viral. The Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion was reverse engineered by Devin in order to explain the phenomenon. However, his favorite project is the Pendulus, which incorporates his skateboarding hobby for some of the parts. The Pendulus is a double pendulum with a UV light attached, this is spun on a circular board which is painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. Devin explained what he believes is so unique about 3D printing as a technology, "Many of my ideas are things I sketched out years ago, but never thought I could realize myself. Now I can model out those ideas and get a physical version within a day. The speed at which we can now ideate and iterate means more rapid innovation!"

"At this point 3D printing has really consumed much of my life, I don’t think it’s a stretch to call it an obsession!"


What's Next?

The YouTuber is optimistic about the future of 3D printing, as he says, Printers are getting cheaper and they’re running better, so I’m still a firm believer that 3D printers will become a relatively common household item…People seem to want something different from one day to the next, so 3D printing may step in where traditional mass manufacturing can’t keep up. In terms of the future of his channel, Devin enjoys spontaneity. So if you want to know what he’s up to this year, you’re going to have stay tuned to his YouTube account. Focusing and expanding his YouTube channel is his main priority at the moment. As well as adding to his growing army of 3D printers. Check out some of his designs on his MyMiniFactory page.



All images and gifs, unless otherwise stated, via Devin Montes. This article originally appeared on and was written by Corey Clarke

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