Rep Rap Festival Coming Soon...Will You Be There

Accucode3D Admin

Posted on March 17 2017

Every year, sometime in March, the world’s preeminent 3D printing enthusiasts gather in Indiana for the Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF). The Rep Rap is less than two weeks away and we have some information on what kind of 3D printing gear you can look forward to seeing there. For one weekend annually, all the big names in the 3D printing world make it out to Goshen, Indiana. This is a relatively small meetup, but that’s what usually makes for a great experience. It’s basically a bunch of enthusiastic 3D enthusiasts sharing their passion all weekend. The PartDaddy, an 18-foot-tall 3D printer will be there. Prusa is coming in from Prague, E3D is coming in from England. Visit their Facebook page to learn more about the event!

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