Popular Science Introduces Young 3D Printing Trendsetters

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Posted on April 12 2017

This article originally appeared on Popular Science website, please make sure to visit their site.


Here at Popular Science, we love DIY projects and kid inventors. So we're always on the look-out for young people who are literally building a better world for the rest of us. Most recently, Popular Science met three creators—11-year-old Jordan Reeves, 15-year-old Jakob Sperry, and 17-year-old Alexis Lewis—at a showcase hosted by Autodesk, a manufacturer of 3D design software. Each of these young inventors had a different reason for designing printable projects, but they all shared the same goal: to inspire and help others, and to change the world. Jordan Reeves was born with a left arm that stops just above the elbow. The 11-year-old has used prosthetic arms for most of her life, which makes her particularly well-suited to design them. And in March 2016, at a camp co-hosted by Autodesk and Bay Area nonprofit KidMob, that's exactly what she did. Her “Project Unicorn” is a 3D-printed arm that shoots five cylinders' worth of glitter.

Why glitter? To show that the designing and printing process is accessible to young inventors. “Creating and building stuff is fun,” Reeves says. “Kids will make the future better if they start designing...The smallest things can make a big impact." After the camp, Jordan was “teamed up with this cool guy named Sam" Hobish, a designer at Autodesk. The two have regular chat sessions over Google Hangouts, during which they created a new version of Project Unicorn. This updated arm contains a nozzle and a single canister of glitter, which is attached to a can of compressed air via a rubber hose. When Jordan squeezes the trigger, glitter goes flying. For the full article visit the Popular Science website here.


Author: Jason Lederman
Jason is the social media editor for Popular Science, and writes on a variety of topics including pop culture, movies, television, social media and more. You can reach him at jason@popsci.com.

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