Paralympic Opening Ceremony Featured a 3D-Printed Dress by Danit Peleg

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Posted on September 15 2016

3D Print has got Game! Actually, it’s a component on the global playing field for the 2016 Paralympic Games

Danit Peleg 2016 Paralympic
Technology that people associate for big manufacturers and hobbyist alike that pumps out inanimate objects have also become readily useable in soft good, more personalized products, such as clothing and fashion accessories.
Danit Peleg, an Israeli fashion designer who fuses technology and fashion designed a 3D printed dress for American snowboarder Amy Purdy’s appearance in the 2016 Paralympic Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

The dress worn by Amy Purdy was inspired by Botticelli's The Birth of Venus. It was printed using a soft, nude colored filament FilaFlex, a TPE thermoplastic elastomer base polyurethane made by Recreus, which allowed for movement. Peleg used the same techniques she had employed on her previous projects; the dress was entirely 3D printed and was made with the assistance of Gerber Technology. Peleg was so inspired by what she was working on, that she has designed a full collection of five looks, which will be unveiled in the next few weeks.


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