How 3D Printed Prosthetics are Changing the World

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Posted on July 08 2015

The video link below features the entrepreneurs and, amazingly, the kids who are changing how people acquire prosthetics. One of the biggest game changers in 3D printed prosthetics is e-NABLE, an organization that began with a simple YouTube comment.

Today e-NABLE is celebrating its two year anniversary. Click on the link to the video to learn more!


Scout and Daisy watching 3D printer

Daisy Rosario and a Scout examine a 3D printer. These Scouts are part of a worldwide network of volunteers who print and build prosthetics for the millions of kids that are born with partial limbs in the US alone.

Ivan Owen showing off hands he built

Ivan Owen is a puppet maker who began working on prosthetic fingers with a South African carpenter who had been in a finger-removing accident. The pair put their designs online and the YouTube comments were very supportive.

John Schull saw the duo's videos and created a map asking the YouTube commenters to volunteer their 3D Printers and to put themselves on the map. Thousands of people responded.

Scouts posed with 3D printer

Today e-Nable celebrates it two year anniversary and recently received a $6,ooo grant from Google.

To learn more, check out

Mic's video!

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