All Too Common 3D Printing Misconceptions

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Posted on March 17 2017

New to the 3D printing world? Not sure what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to how and what you can 3D print? We've got you covered, here are some of the most common misconceptions surrounding 3D printing.

1. "3D printing is effortless!"

Sadly, 3D printing is not effortless. Sure, there are times when prints come out so easily and perfect that the process can seem like a turn key operation. There are other times when your model can come out looking like a plastic yarn ball. Don’t be discouraged even the most skilled users end up with a failed print from time to time. Anything from damp filament to a less than sticky enough surface can cause these prints to go awry. Another common misconception is that once your project is done printing you're all set. Though some printers do output smooth, flawless models other printers require “finishing” that could take longer than the print process itself. When it comes to “finishing” a model or prototype, be prepared to have tools such as sandpaper, scrapers, knives, and noxious solutions handy.


2. "3D Printing is Only for Prototyping"

Well, this is just simply untrue. Here are a few reliable sources for finding new and unique prints that other users have created. Be forewarned that not every design has been tested and printed on every type of printer, so there is still an amount of trial and error that you may face. Not sure what 3D printing can do in your industry, check out some examples below:

  • Liver Tissue Production
  • Rocket Engine Manufacturing
  • Assisting Visually Impaired Patients
  • Automotive Production
  • Building Construction
  • Visual Art Medium

    Prototyping parts can be one of the most time-consuming parts of manufacturing a new product. Between the cost incurred in the prototyping process and the time lost while waiting for a prototype to return, this process can take weeks and end up being quite costly. With a 3D printer, companies can design a prototype and print them in the same day. Yes, this is revolutionary, but no it doesn’t mean that 3D printing will take over the manufacturing industry at least not in the near future.


    3. "3D Printers Are Too Expensive"

    That all depends on what you are looking to accomplish with your 3D printer. Yes, a lot of the products out there are thousands of dollars, money well spent if you're making a business, but if you are just looking to learn how to 3D print and make some models around the house there are less expensive options. Recently a DIY built printer retailed for as little as over a $100. Alternatively, we offer services via 3D hubs that allow patrons for a small fee to simply submit their design for print and have it shipped back to them finished. More so if you are looking to get your feet wet without an initial purchase some organizations offer the ability to learn the ends and outs of 3D printing using their system, for example, in our area the Denver Public Library offers courses monthly dedicated to 3D printing.

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