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Artec Leo

Freedom from wires and additional equipment, the Artec Leo contains state of the art technologies while providing quality 80 fps scans that you can see in real time on the built-in touchscreen

Leapfrog Bolt Pro

Double your printing speed with dual independent print heads and two modes that allow for mirror or synced prints

Markforged Mark Two

Combining continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with a range of other materials such as Fiberglass and Kevlar, the Mark Two brings a versatile 3D printer to the Markforged product line. The Mark Two’s dual extruders ensure you get quick, hassle free builds with 10 micron accuracy - producing reliable parts across any application.

Perfactory 4 Mini

A high-resolution 3D printer that is ideal for the production needs of jewelry manufacturing, the P4 Mini produces outstanding results with resolution capabilities as low as 10 µm (0.0004 in) using ERM (Enhanced Resolution Module).


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Everything we’ve come to know about how products are designed, manufactured, and distributed has changed since the introduction of 3D printers. It’s taking entire industries by storm and we’ve dedicated our passion and expertise to helping companies like yours understand the true potential of 3D printing and how it can positively impact your manufacturing processes.

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